Self-Hosted alternative to Slack for Team Chat

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Self-Hosted alternative to Slack for Team Chat

SLACK , the term “Slack” has reached a leading position in team collaboration industries, as it simplifies the way of internal communication within teams through Direct messages, Private and Public Channels. From Analysing the testimony of Slack, we organized some Advantages below for your reference. Reduces Email Traffic Helps to connect remote teams Reduces the […]
OUM motivation

Output Messenger to motivate your employee

Motivation is a thrust that drives intrinsic enthusiasm of an employee to take action to accomplish their tasks. Motivations can’t be common for all, some want rewards, some promotions, some job recognitions, promotions etc. Analyzing each one’s desire and satisfying them will surely a hard nut to crack. Here are the easy ways to motivate […]
employee condidence

Top 5 things to improve Employee Confidence and Productivity

As an entrepreneur or project manager, its our duty to ensure the employees ability. If the employees are happy with their work, they will do their job effortlessly. Here are 5 tips to stir up Employees' Self-confidence and Productivity.

Employee Engagement – Service-Profit Chain

The Service-Profit chain is a business theory model developed by a group of researchers from Harvard University. The main goal of this theory is to manage and measure success of your organization, by placing the employees and customers through the traditional workflow in an organization.
Output Desk with Output Messenger

Do Live Chat in Output Messenger

Do Live Chat in Output Messenger effectively and efficiently just by integrating it with Output Desk through the standard integration facilities.

HIPAA Compliance Instant Messenger

Communication in health care must not only be faster but should also be secured from all threats. To secure such electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), the HIPAA Compliant was passed.
Output Messenger Screen Clipper

Use Screen Clipper to Capture and Share screens instantly

Express your ideas regarding your projects easily and speed up the process as well as save your valuable time with Screen Clipper.

Chat instantly with “@” command

As the productive devotees, we always explore the fastest way to do something. In such a way, Output Messenger helps you to bye-pass your needs on mouse movements and clicks to save your precious time. Yes, you can simply type the key “@” to shift from one chat window to another in Output Messenger.

Improve your Chat Experience with Favorites Users list

Output Messenger is extremely built to comfort your work. As a collaboration tool, now it is designed to chat faster than before. We used to chat with some colleagues very frequently. To make that process as simple, we have introduced the new feature “Favorites” with our Output Messenger.

Everything is in-built

Output Messenger has evolved as collaboration application with all its communication features (everything) in one pack. Its really fits to you and will make you to feel very comfortable and luxurious with its amazing characteristics.