OUM motivation

Output Messenger to motivate your employee

Motivation is a thrust that drives intrinsic enthusiasm of an employee to take action to accomplish their tasks. Motivations can’t be common for all, some want rewards, some promotions, some job recognitions, promotions etc. Analyzing each one’s desire and satisfying them will surely a hard nut to crack. Here are the easy ways to motivate […]

Released version 1.6.5 with Sticky Notes & Starred Messages etc

Released Output Messenger latest Server and Client versions # 1.6.5 with new amazing features. Update those versions for better business communication.

Improve Team Collaboration with Output Messenger New Features

We have released our Output Messenger latest major versions Server # 1.5.0, Client # 1.5.5 with new excellent features, GUI improvements and few fixes for better Team Collaboration.

Srimax Participation in CeBIT 2016, Bengaluru

Srimax Participation in CeBIT’2016, Bengaluru “Srimax” presented its developments at the CeBIT 2016, on Dec 8 to 10, 2016 @ BIEC Bengaluru – the largest international scientific exhibition – conference of information technologies, telecommunication, IT-solutions and services. Sharing Photographs & Beautiful Memories of the Exhibition. Team Srimax!
employee condidence

Top 5 things to improve Employee Confidence and Productivity

As an entrepreneur or project manager, its our duty to ensure the employees ability. If the employees are happy with their work, they will do their job effortlessly. Here are 5 tips to stir up Employees' Self-confidence and Productivity.

Meet us at CeBIT 2016, Bengaluru

Srimax cordially invites you to visit us at Booth Number A101, CeBIT, at Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), from 8th – 10th December, 2016.

We Are Winners Of 2016 SaaS Awards from FinancesOnline

The business instant messaging app Output Messenger is the Winner of 2016 SaaS Awards from FinancesOnline. They made us the proud holders of two highly acclaimed SaaS Awards!

Employee Engagement – Service-Profit Chain

The Service-Profit chain is a business theory model developed by a group of researchers from Harvard University. The main goal of this theory is to manage and measure success of your organization, by placing the employees and customers through the traditional workflow in an organization.

Private Messenger versus Public Messenger

The Public Messengers use internet facilities to perform the exchange of texts & files whereas the Private Messengers perform those actions within your customized Intranet inside your concern.

Benefits of Instant Messenger

In the midst of various collaboration solutions, Instant Messenger placed a remarkable adventure in business, as it has become an unavoidable part of today's business. Instant Messenger will help you to collaborate worldwide and extends your network beyond seas.