Do Live Chat in Output Messenger

Output Messenger

Output Messenger is an ideal private secure messenger for your office. With Output Messenger, you can connect your employees within your office as well as the employees who are in geographically distributed manner from all over world and also expand your wings worldwide. It has a lot of amazing features with instant messaging and help you to improve your productivity by unite your employees of multiple diversity in a single place.

Output Desk

Output Desk, a Live Chat software which helps you to turn your website visitors in to customers by providing instant guidance in real-time and make your customers as happy customers. It supports you to handle multiple visitors at the same time through multi-operators chat, transfer chat and chats in queue etc. With Output Desk, you can trigger the customers’ interest in your product and boost the sales using increased selling rate.

Output Messenger with Output Desk

We are very glad to inform you that, these two business tools can be united easily with the standard integration facilities. Through the integration you can do Live Chat in Output Messenger effectively and efficiently.

You can integrate Output Desk with Output Messenger simply by following the steps given below and avail the benefits.

Steps on Output Desk:


  • Register in Output Desk and Login into your account with your credentials.Live Chat in Output Messenger
  • Create accounts for your Operators through the left navigation menu ‘Operators’.

    Output Desk Operators

Steps on Output Messenger:


Map your Output Desk operators with Output Messenger through ‘Output Messenger → Server Manager → Plugins → Config’.

  • In the Output Desk Config pop-up, map your relevant Output Messenger Users with Output Desk Operators accounts and provide valid email address and password which will establish the connection between Output Messenger and Output Desk.
    Output Desk with Output Messenger
  • Login credentials (Email and Passwords) should be as same as in Output Desk accounts as these are the tokens of validation.
  • To check whether the connection is established correctly, Click on “Test Connections / User Accounts” button. The user accounts which is in both Output Messenger and Output Desk will be marked by Tick mark else with an error icon.

By integrating Output Messenger and Output Desk, you can have the following features additionally along with Output Messenger’s amazing features.

  • Monitor and Chat lively with your Customers from anywhere, anytime
  • Group & Conference Chats
  • Transfer chats
  • Block evil unwanted Chats
  • Get Ratings from your Customers
  • Geolocation
  • Universal Canned Messages

Get it integrated and stronger the communication bond between your employees and your website visitors/customers that will surely increase your productivity as well as sales.