Notify your users about meetings through a formal Public statement.
Announcement is a form of one way communication, where you can proclaim any important news / information.

Output Messenger lets you to send either Individual Announcements or Group Announcements.

Sending Announcement

To Send an Announcement,

  1. Right Click on the User in User List whom you want to send Announcement. Select > Send > Announcement.
  2. Sending Announcements - Output Messenger

  3. You can add more Users by clicking on “TO:” and Select the Users.
    1. All Users – Announcement to all the users of your concern.
    2. To Group – To a particular work group / department.
    3. Chat Group – To send Announcement to a Custom Group.
    4. Selected Users – Announcement to the chosen Users.
  4. Provide the Announcement content, and Click ( Output Messenger_Announcement-icon ) send icon.

Output Messenger_Composing Announcement

Auto Close :
Announcement on the Receivers’ screen can be closed automatically through Time setup. To close an Announcement automatically, check the “Auto Close this announcement after” checkbox.

Group Announcement:

Output Messenger Team Announcement

Group Announcement simplifies the Announcement to your work group or department.
To send Group Announcement,

  1. Right Click on Group name, Select Send > Announcement.
  2. You can add more users as in single announcement.
  3. Provide the information to convey, and send by clicking Output Messenger_Announcement-icon send icon.

Received Announcement:

You can Print, Save or Forward for future purpose.
Print and Forward Announcement