With Output Messenger, exchange the files and documents with your colleagues efficiently. You can just Drag and Drop the file on the Chat Window of the recipient or his name in the Users lists.

Send Files

Output Messenger provides you several convenient ways to Send / Transfer the files faster.
1. Drag-and-drop your file on the name of desired user on Output Messenger Users List.
Lan Messenger File Transfer List
2. Drag-and-drop your file into your user’s Chat Window.
Instant Messenger File Sharing
3. Select the desired user from your Users List, Right Click then select “Send > File” to transfer your file.
Internal Office Chat File Transfer
4. Click on “Send File” button from the Chat Window by hovering the Mouse on the right headed arrow and select the File the Send.
Team Chat File Transfer

Access Received Files:

After receiving the Files, you can Open them directly or Move to the place you wish.

  1. Open : Opens the received file.
  2. Open Folder : Opens the folder in which the file is received.
  3. Move : Helps you to move the received file to the place you want.

Live Chat Instant Messenger File Transfer

You can also access the received files on later in following three ways.

I. Open Received Folder:
  1. Right Click on a user from Users List and select ‘Open Received Folder’.
  2. The files you received through our Output Messenger will be there.

Output Messenger File Transfer
Note: Only those files which are not moved through ‘Move’ will be in Received folder.

II. View Log :
  1. Right Click on the Users List and select ‘View Log’.
  2. You can easily filter the messages through Day and User filter.

office chat Messenger File Transfer

III. History:
  1. Click the Chat History icon displays at the top right corner on the User Chat Window.
  2. Select the Day filter to see the files/messages you received.

Output Messenger File Transfer History