Send and Receive mails within your concern in secured way with Internal Mailing feature. You don’t need to rely on the Internet connections.


  1. Internal mailing system improves your privacy.
  2. Its very faster and reliable.
  3. Eliminates mail box charges.
  4. No need to rely on Internet connections to send mail.

Mail OutputMessanger Mail_icon option will be available in the left side bar of the Output Messenger user listing window. If left side bar doesn’t present, Click on Right headed arrow in the user listing window, left side bar will appear.

Mail Lists:

You can have two Views;
Output Messenger Mail_inbox

  1. Inbox – Lists received mails.
  2. Output Messenger Mail received

  3. Sent – Lists mails sent by you.
  4. Output Messenger Mail Sent

Compose Mail:

To create mail,

  1. Click on Output Messenger Add Chat Room Icon icon in the Mail window.
  2. Provide the needed details to be mailed.
  3. Click on the Send icon.

Output Messenger Compose Mail

Reply to Mail:

Open a mail (sent / received mail), click on Down arrow on the top right corner then click ‘Reply’, update the mail content and Send.

Output Messenger Mail_reply
You can also Print, Forward or Delete the Mail from here.

Delete Mail:

To delete mail, you can just select the mail you want to delete and click Output Messenger Delete Chat Room Icon icon.

Output Messenger Mail Delete