Output Messenger offers multiple views of Chat Window to make you enjoy the chat.

Multiple Views of Chat Window

Communicate with following three types of Chat Window Views,

  1. Popup View
  2. Tabbed View
  3. Tiles View

Popup View

Popup view will provide a separate floating chat window for each User.
Output Messenger Popup View

Tabbed View

Tabbed View kepps the chat window with Users list. Chat will be added as tabs, so that you can move on to the User tabs and chat with them. The whole chat area belongs to a single user.
Output Messenger Tabbed View

Tiles View

Tiles view is similar as Tabbed view but the Chat Window will be divided equally between each user who is in chat with you. You can view the chats of other users while chatting with one.
Output Messenger Tiles View

Chat Window Customization

To set Chat Window views,

  1. Go to Settings > Display Details > Display Options.
  2. Select WindowView type and hit Save.