tickOutput Messenger User license is based on One User – One License Basis.
tickBased on the number of licenses purchased, the Users will be listed in Output Messenger.
tickLicense includes Single Server application. The same license key cannot be used in multiple servers.

Life-Time and Term Licensing

There are two options for licensing Output Messenger:
1. Perpetual license (Life-Time): Pay one-time and use life-time. Includes 1 year of Technical Support, Updates and Fixes.

2. Term license (Annual): Option to pay as yearly fee instead of the one-time perpetual license fee.

  • Perpetual license
    Valid for Life Time
  • Annual license
    Valid for One Year
  • 3 Users
  • $0
  • $0
  • Users
  • $15 per user
  • $30 / year
    $7 per user
  • 100 Users
  • $1400
    $14 per user
  • $600 / year
    $6 per user
  • 200 Users
  • $2400
    $12 per user
  • $1000 / year
    $5 per user
  • 500 Users
  • $3500
    $7 per user
  • $1500 / year
    $3 per user
  • 999 Users
  • $4995
    $5 per user
  • $1998 / year
    $2 per user

Existing licensed users upgrade/renew your pack period, by clicking here.

Purchase FAQ

For Annual license, do we get own server or hosted server ?

You will get your own server, which you can install in your premises network. You have to renew your license every year.

Does Perpetual license one time pricing ?

Yes. Output Messenger Perpetual license is one-time fee and the License key is valid for Life time. You can keep using the software for as long as you want, no subscription needed. Also, every purchased license comes with a free 1-year Update Plan, which entitles you to update your software to any new versions released in that year.

How many licenses I need to Purchase (One License per Computer License or One License per User) ?

Output Messenger Licensing System is based on a one License per user basis.
With a 10 User License Key, a maximum of 10 Users will be able to connect server.

What payment methods are available?

Online payment options: Credit card, Paypal prepayment options are provided by our payment processor.

When I will get the License Key?

The License key will be delivered to you directly by our Payment Processor, usually within 24 Hours of payment.

How to register the license details?

For both Perpetual & Term license, a license key will be provided.
In Server Manager > Configuration, provide the Company Name & License key to register. No need to register the client version.
Term License key need to be updated for each year.

Can I cancel Term license any time?

The Term license will be cancelled automatically, When you have not renewed your license at the end of your term. There is no auto-renewal & also your credit card details will not be stored.

Is it possible to purchase more user licenses in the future?

Yes. You can add additional user licenses at any time for the same purchase price.
To add users for your Perpetual/Annual License click here

Is there any version for Registered Users other than the Trial Version?

The trial version and registered version are the same product. Trial version works for 30 days only and then requires license details. On applying the license key, it will function as registered version for lifetime.

In Perpetual license, How long I will get Updates?

With Perpetual license you will get a free 1-year Update period, which entitles you to update your software to any new versions released in that year. After that year, if you want to keep receiving software updates, you can optionally renew your Update Plan, by paying 15% of the user license amount.
In any case, your license will stay valid forever and Output Messenger will stay fully functional, even after your Update Plan has expired.