Output Messenger to motivate your employee

OUM motivation
Motivation is a thrust that drives intrinsic enthusiasm of an employee to take action to accomplish their tasks. Motivations can’t be common for all, some want rewards, some promotions, some job recognitions, promotions etc. Analyzing each one’s desire and satisfying them will surely a hard nut to crack. Here are the easy ways to motivate your employees.

Recognize their effort in Real time :

Appreciated worker become great employee. About 83% of employees said that they are satisfied if they are recognized for contributions is more fulfilling than any rewards and gifts.Don’t hide your room of appreciation, just show off them at the right time. For that you can create a virtual social networking environment, within you organization, where you can share your ideas within your colleagues. For example, you can give an announcement on an employee’s achievement.

Create Social Environment : 

Provide an transparent-open environment to your employees by providing the functionalities and workflow in your company. Make them to communicate beyond departmental barriers so that they can understand the risks involved in evolution of products. In open communication there is no chance for filtration the information because of direct communication. You can also go for tools to create a open communication. Poor communication will lead to erosion of trust within the organization. This will make the employees to be engaged and give you high level productivity and profit.

Employee Engagement :

Only organization with engaged employee can come out with productivity. Organization with engaged employees tends to have higher profitability than disengaged employee whose performance lead to delay in workforce and inconvenience in reaching the organizational goal. You can easily engage your employee by providing the ideas or plans you have to execute. Engaged employee reduces the operational cost and increases the profit margin.

Increased Innovation :

Motivated employee are more engaged who will perform at high level with a passion to do their tasks. These engaged people feel that they are the real stakes in your organization. which often leads to innovative ideas in their projects. These innovation will surely lead to creation of modern approach for sales, services and even to new projects. As a result clients will be loyal and your reputation increases.

Team Collaboration :

Collaboration will develop your employee’s skills, make them to think and innovate and solve the issues faster. You should try to break down the business knowledge silos and make your employees to collaborate across their team boundaries. Collaboration among employees and management also surely leads to organizational growth. Simple mean of collaboration is verbal and non- verbal communication, where your employees can freely share their ideas and innovations.

Motivate your employee and make your work environment to be cheerful.