Output Messenger Receives Prestigious Recognition for Instant Messaging & Chat Software from Business Software Directory

After the experts from reputable business software directory FinancesOnline reassessed Output Messenger, they have bestowed us their prestigious recognitions: Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2017.

Also Output Messenger get listed in Top 10 best Instant Messaging and Chat Software list by FinanacesOnline.

Output Messenger Got Best Instant Messenger Award

The Great User Experience award for best chat software is reserved to systems that provide great usability and well-designed features. Similarly, the Rising Star distinction is given to software systems that quickly rose in popularity due to positive customer feedback.

In addition to the two distinctions, Output Messenger also featured in FinancesOnline’s benefits of communications software page. All these recognitions can be credited to Output Messenger’s secure, flexible, and instant messaging functionalities that can perfectly adapt to any working environment. Features FinancesOnline’s experts highlighted in their review include Output Messenger’s simple server and client installation, on-premise self-hosted chat server, industry standard SSL and TLS for security purposes, and limitless storing of chat history in both servers and client.

These awards prove that Output Messenger continues to satisfy both critics and our clients. With this, we will make sure to go above and beyond to provide the best instant messaging experience for teams to have a pleasant experience interacting with others, wherever they may be.