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With Output Messenger’s integrated Output Time

Get instant notification on each action of your Projects/Tasks over Output Messenger in real-time

Crucial Features of Output Time

  • Project Management with Time Tracking & Invoice
  • Single Click Time Tracking
  • Multiple Views of Time Sheets
  • Time Sheets Approval
  • Flexible Tasks Management
  • Estimation in each level (Project/Task/Day-Activity)
  • Highly descriptive Gantt Chart
  • Easiest Expenses Tracking
  • Quick & Designer Invoices
  • Powerful Reports

Notifications on Output Messenger

The regular notifications you will get on Output Messenger for the actions like a new task assigned,
tasks status get changed and comments added for the work.

Notice on New Task

When a new task from one project assigned to you by your Team Lead / Project Manager on Output Time, you will get a note for it over Output Messenger.
Output Time New Task

Notice on Task Update

Once you started the work and changed the task status from ‘Open’ to ‘Progress’ on Output Time, your Team Lead / Project Manager will be noftified on his Output Messenger – Chat Window.
outputtime task status change open to inprogress

Notice on Comments

Furthermore, you will get a note on your Output Messenger – Chat Window, just after your Team Lead / Project Manager added a comment for your work.
outputtime task status comment

How to Integrate?

Output Time Integration

Output Messenger provides Standard Integration facility to integrate with any other third party Apps. And you can integrate it with Output Time effortlessly by following the guidelines given below.

Guidelines – http://support.outputmessenger.com/output-time-integration/

This effectual integration helps you and your team to Stay up-to-date and avoid unnecessary confusions!

Improve real-time interactions & increase Productivity.

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