Private Messenger versus Public Messenger

Now-a-days, we all are familiar about the usages of Messengers. The impact of messenger has reached its top most peaks among all the applications in the world. The term “Messenger” means the tool that helps you to exchange / transfer texts between two entities. With the power of networking, Instant Messaging has become a global phenomenon for exchanging your ideas.

Messengers play a major role in every business and make your business leads to collaborate with each others. Based on the usage, Messengers are classified as:

  • Private Messenger
  • Public Messenger

Both Messengers in common help you to transfer your messages in real-time.

Private Messenger versus Public Messenger

The Public Messengers use internet facilities to perform the exchange of texts & files whereas the Private Messengers perform those actions within your customized Intranet inside your concern.

You can see here the main differences between the Private and Public Messengers.

S.NoPrivate MessengerPublic Messenger
1Private Messenger operates within your business provinces.Public Messenger operates on worldwide.
2Private Messenger increases the productivity by avoiding the distractions in work and engaging the employees.Public Messenger opens the gate to your employees for their personal chat with besties and relatives. Thus it spares your employees’ valuable time.
3Private Messenger prevents third party apps and your employees from engaging in the things next to their works.Public Messenger puts forth trial packs of the third party apps.
4Private Messenger uses Active Directory and LDAP which prevent outsiders from chatting with your employees.Public Messenger has no user restrictions. Your employees can add as much contacts as they can.
5Private Messenger prevents attacks, hacks and transfers of vulnerable viruses, worms etc, also the threat of Fake accounts, because communications are done within your firewall.Probability of attacks, hacks, phishing is high and increases threat of viruses.
6As the communication done within your firewall, you can confidentially send your confidential messages.Protection of your information rests with you. You will bear the whole responsibility in preventing your messages.
7All messages are stored in central repository, therefore no worry about deletion of messages.Messages once deleted cannot be retrieved again.
8As all of your employees are within your intranet-network, no need to worry about internet connection for messaging.Communications can be done only with the help of internet.
9Private Messenger won't save or use your employees’ details for other purposes.When you use Public Messenger, you will enter into a treaty with those messengers so they can save or use your details which may liable for vulnerable actions.

Hope, these differences provide you a clear idea about the benefits of using Private Messenger for businesses.

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