Trouble connecting to MS SQL server

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asked Feb 13, 2016 in Installation by Mustang58lx (120 points)
I'm wanting to test Output Messenger to see if it will work for our environment using MS SQL 2014 Express, but I'm having trouble getting Output Messenger to connect to it.  I'm looking for assistance for this.

OS: Win. 2012 R2
MS SQL: 2014 Express

1 Answer

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answered Feb 13, 2016 by Ramesh Rangan (10,100 points)

To use MS SQL Server, at first you have to create a Database for Output Messenger in Server and configure the database in Output Messenger Server Manager > Configuration > Switch Database.

You can refer the following page for more details about Database Configuration.

Hence, please try again by configuring the database exactly and provide us screenshots through, if you experience the troubles still.

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