Is it possible to add additional status' to the drop down

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asked Sep 23, 2016 in Feature requests by bhuneke (130 points)
I would like to be able to add/change the default status' to add "On Break" and change "Busy" to "Do not Disturb"

is this possible at all?

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answered Sep 23, 2016 by Ramesh Rangan (10,100 points)
Sorry, at right now we don't have options to add/change the default status. We will consider this one and implement in future.

Thanks for your suggestion.
commented Nov 15, 2016 by seanohlrich (760 points)
I too would like this feature!
commented Nov 15, 2016 by Ramesh Rangan (10,100 points)
We have changed the status from ‘Busy’ to ‘Do not Disturb’. This change will be available to you with our next Output Messenger version to be released in a couple of days.

And for adding other Status like “On Break”, you can use the feature ‘Custom Status’ which will send Auto Reply also to your colleague who messages you.

Note: You can also use Custom Status only, if you don’t like to send Auto Reply message.

Hope this helps you.
commented Nov 15, 2016 by seanohlrich (760 points)
We are looking for an option in the chat list so people can see, for example, that a few people are "On Sales Floor" in the chat list before deciding who to message.  That is why we would like to be able to preset some different status options so it will show up in the user list.  Thank you again for all the hard work you people do for us!
commented Nov 15, 2016 by Ramesh Rangan (10,100 points)
Thank you.

The Custom Status also show up on the User List as like the default Status. Yes, if you set your Custom Status as ‘On Sales Floor’, that status will display under your name in the User list. Hence, the other users can see it.

Please try out the Custom Status and let us know, if any further clarifications.
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