No notifications on iPad

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asked Mar 11, 2017 in Mobile by midorivx (140 points)
Settings under Settings>Notifications are correct, using latest iOS and Output Messenger app.

1 Answer

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answered Mar 11, 2017 by Ramesh Rangan (10,100 points)
Welcome to our Output Messenger Q&A support system.

In Output Messenger, we only send Push Notification to Mobile when you are off-line in other devices. Suppose if you have left login in Output Messenger Desktop client, the message will be delivered to desktop also and if you viewed the message there, no push notification will be sent to your mobile. If all other clients are disconnected, then Output Messenger server will send push notification to your mobile device.

Hence kindly make sure that you are logged in at your mobile only. If yes, but you have notification problem still, please clarify the following things.

1. Does this notification problem occur only for few messages or all messages?

2. Do you only experience the issue? Or all other users also having?

3. Did you get any delayed notification after posted this query?

Thanks for your patience.
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