Is it possible to display the status history for a user from all devices accessing Output Messenger for that user?

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asked Mar 14, 2017 in Feature requests by GLadmin (120 points)
When viewing a user's profile from the program, our users traditionally have two sessions of the program running; one on their local desktop and one running inside their terminal server session (which can be one of two servers in a load-balanced configuration).  Output Messenger appears to only display the status of one of the connected clients for the user but not signon information from the other device(s) that is perhaps more currently.  I.E., user goes home for the day signing off from their work computer but continues working for the day remotely from home on the terminal server.

Is it possible to have the "status history" list display entries for all devices for that person's login for the day?

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answered Mar 14, 2017 by Ramesh Rangan (10,100 points)

Welcome to our Output Messenger Q&A.

We will consider this feature and implement in our future version release.

Anyhow, the Administrator user can view the Online Users' Information along with the current logged-in device in Server Manager through "Log > Online User's Information".

Output Messenger Online Users' Information

Thanks for your suggestion.

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