What happens to chat logs when a user is deleted

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asked Apr 15 in Technical by nriddick (340 points)
I have a user that was deleted because they left the company and now my managers are requesting chat logs for legal purposes.  I cannot find them.  Are the users logs deleted when the user is deleted?

Thank you.

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answered Apr 15 by Ramesh Rangan (10,040 points)

Sorry for the delay.

You can find the Chat Log of the deleted User at the ‘Chat History Log Storage Path’ you configured at your Server Manager > Configuration.

Please send us your Client DB file ‘OM.db3’ as well as mention the Name of the user who has been deleted to support@srimax.com We will refer and explain how can you view the Chat History of that particular deleted user.

OM.db3 from Client:

1. Right click on the Users List page, select the Open Received Folder option.
2. Go back to the folder like ‘DHAAA’ on the files Directory list.
3. Now, you can see the DB file ‘OM.db3’ to be sent us.

Thanks for your patience.

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answered Jul 20 by kevin Luther (180 points)
yes..it works!
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