Output Messenger Roadmap lists the updates about the Designs planned presently, Development in progress and the features/fixes to be available (Rolling Out) to the customers shortly.


  • Single Chat Window
    The new feature that will enable you to get all conversations in a Single Window instead of multiple tabs and windows.
  • Voice/Video Chat in Mobile Apps
    This will make you to enjoy the Chat along with Voice / Video Calls on your Mobile devices securely.
  • Topic Based Chat
    Tag chat messages based on a topic. Discussion about a file/task/event etc will be organized & easy to follow.
  • Group Chat – GUI
    Improve the Group Chat – Add User GUI to add Users/Groups/Chat Groups easier than before.


  • Output Wall
    The place to your team to post their thoughts, views and suggestions to anyone or particular users/groups for better team collaboration.
  • Output Wall Integration
    Integrate the Enterprise Social Network ‘Output Wall’ with ‘Output Messenger’ to make more enjoyable and productive workplace.
  • IP Address Restrictions
    Assist you to have more secured communication by restricting the Authorized users also through their IP Addresses.
  • User Profile – Status History
    In User Profile window, find User’s Status with the list of all devices in which he/she logged-in for the day.
  • Browser Version Updates
    Adding Acknowledgment feature & new Smiley icons in Browser Version.
  • Guest Access to Chat Rooms

Rolling Out

  • Sticky Notes
    You can pin the important notes to desktop so that they’re always visible and help to organize everyday to-do lists.
  • Favorite Messages
    Starred messages feature will help to list important messages marked as Favorite.
  • Leave Chat Room
    Option to allow/restrict the users to leave from Chat Room.
  • Advanced Search in View Log
    Lets you to search the Chat Log with various filters ‘From/To’, ‘Keyword’, ‘Days’ and ‘Starred Messages’ etc.
  • Download Logs
    Get all or certain period of Chat Logs from the Server handily.
  • Group Chat with Offline Users
    Include or exclude the offline users in Group Chat.
  • Auto Close Inactive Chat
    Tired off too many inactive chat windows remain open? Soon we will have auto close option.
  • Change Password in Mobile Apps
    Allow Users to change the login Password from their mobile devices itself.
  • Quote Message in Mobile Apps
    New way to reply your colleagues. Just embed the previous messages you want to reply and respond.
  • Forward Message in Mobile Apps
    Forward the text messages instantly to your colleagues/team in a new way.
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