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Private Messenger versus Public Messenger

The Public Messengers use internet facilities to perform the exchange of texts & files whereas the Private Messengers perform those actions within your customized Intranet inside your concern.

Benefits of Instant Messenger

In the midst of various collaboration solutions, Instant Messenger placed a remarkable adventure in business, as it has become an unavoidable part of today's business. Instant Messenger will help you to collaborate worldwide and extends your network beyond seas.
Output Messenger Screen Clipper

Use Screen Clipper to Capture and Share screens instantly

Express your ideas regarding your projects easily and speed up the process as well as save your valuable time with Screen Clipper.
Communicate with Output Messenger

Why should prefer Output Messenger?

Output Messenger is the Private and Secure instant messenger for your office which brings all your business communication to one place. It helps you to provide freedom to your teams to share their ideas which will engage your employees and improve the Team Collaboration that results innovative thoughts as well as increase your Productivity certainly.

Everything is in-built

Output Messenger has evolved as collaboration application with all its communication features (everything) in one pack. Its really fits to you and will make you to feel very comfortable and luxurious with its amazing characteristics.

Top 10 Reasons to upgrade from Outlook LAN Messenger to Output Messenger

We as an “Output Family” are very much overjoyed to introduce our Outstanding Output Messenger – Private and Secure Instant Messenger, which will exactly suits to Organization where communication is more important.

Output Messenger Video Presentation

Output Messenger is the fast, secure & private instant messenger designed specifically for keeping remote employees and multiple offices synchronously.

Srimax at the CII Connect 2014 Exhibition

We are pleased to inform that Srimax pitched the newly launched Output Products ( Messenger, Time, Desk ) in the CII Connect '2014 Exhibition conducted at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai, India.