Keep track of anything you need to do in a single place.

Reminders help you to intimate the task to do at the right time.

Output Messenger Remainders

Set Reminder

To set Reminder,

  1. Click on Reminder OutputMessenger Reminder_icon icon on the left side menu.
  2. Click Add icon.
  3. Output Messenger Remainders Set

  4. In the ‘New Reminder’ window,
    1. Provide the Date and Time, you need to get alert at that time.
    2. Select anyone Action and provide a Title for the Reminder.
    3. In Details, provide the message you want to display.
    4. If you want to have this alert everyday, check the check box “Repeat this action everyday”.
  5. Click Save icon.

Available Actions

Output Messenger Remainders Action

  1. Remind Me : Reminds you (those who set Reminders).
  2. Remind user : Reminds the users whose you want to give the alert.
  3. Run application : Simultaneously opens the application at the chosen time.
  4. Open website : Helps you to open the provided website at the specified time.
  5. Log off computer : Reminds you before 10 seconds and automates log off process of your computer.
  6. Shut down computer : Reminds you before 10 seconds and automates shutting down of your computer.
  7. Reboot computer : Automates rebooting of your computer with a intimation before 10 seconds.