Improve Team Collaboration with Output Messenger New Features

We have released our Output Messenger latest major versions Server # 1.5.0, Client # 1.5.5 with new excellent features, GUI improvements and few fixes.

Output Messenger New Features for Better Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your team through these new features and make your workplace as joyful.


1. Eye catching Chat Balloons

Enjoy Chat with the newer flat UI of colorful eye catching Chat Balloons.

Output Messenger Bubble Chat

2. New bunch of Emojis

Share your thoughts and feelings with your team through the new set of Emoticons as well as surprise your colleagues.

Output Messenger Smilies

3. Message Acknowledgement

Improve the Messages delivery reliability through Acknowledgement option.

Request Acknowledgement for important business message to ensure that it has been viewed by your colleague.

You also can Send Acknowledgement to let your teammate that you have seen the message sent by him, if he missed to Request Acknowledgement on important messages.

OutputMessenger Acknowledgement Message

4. Reply Message

This nice feature lets you to Reply to a particular message, both in a Group Chat and in an Individual Chat. Simply Right Click on the message, select ‘Reply Message’ then send your response.

Output Messenger Reply Message

5. Forward Message

Forward Message assists you to forward the messages of your Project Lead / Team Manager to a particular team member or a group of your team members easily. Right Click on the message, click ‘Forward Message’, select the member(s), then send.

Output Messenger Forward Message

6. Reminders with Shortcut Command

Now you can set Reminders also through Shortcut Commands.

/remind [me|all|@user] [message] [at|on|in] [time]

Output Messenger Reminder Shortcut

7. Circular Profile Images

We implemented Circular Profile Picture for easier visual and to stand out from the traditional Square Profile Picture.

Output Messenger Circular Profile Image

8. Can Sort Status History by Name and Date, in Output Messenger Server Manager.

9. Display IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on User Profile screen.

10.Blink the New Message window until it gets viewed.


1. Fixed Server Re-connection problem.

2. Fixed minor issues of File Transfer.

3. Fixed Video Chat glitches.

4. Fixed Chat tab mismatch issue occurred with Tabbed and Tiles views.