Self-Hosted alternative to Slack for Team Chat

SLACK , the term “Slack” has reached a leading position in team collaboration industries, as it simplifies the way of internal communication within teams through Direct messages, Private and Public Channels.

From Analysing the testimony of Slack, we organized some Advantages below for your reference.

  1. Reduces Email Traffic
  2. Helps to connect remote teams
  3. Reduces the time of conversation
  4. Archived records of Chat Logs
  5. Accessible from anywhere, anytime

But all the above can be done on-line through their Slack hosted server only.

If your company has a policy that all internal communications should be with-in your server/network, then Slack may not be your solution.

Also, the pricing of Slack doesn’t have life time license option. You have to pay regular subscription, for unlimited chat log access.

Alternative to Slack

That’s why, we would like to introduce a best alternative to Slack with In-House messaging system named as Output Messenger.

Output Messenger is the best Alternative to Slack

Output Messenger is suitable to small, medium and all level enterprises and offers some more features along with Self-Hosted Chat Server when compare to Slack.

Before getting into Output Messenger, Let’s see why should we need On-premises or Self-hosted or In-House Messaging system for every corporation.

Advantages Of Self-hosted Messaging app

  1. Control over your sensitive information
  2. Control over access ( anytime from everywhere )
  3. More secure within your Hand
  4. Fits with your Company Policies
  5. Reduces Time Latency
  6. Prevents third party access

You can refer deeply about the On-Premises Chat Server of Output Messenger at

The Slack Alternative – Output Messenger

Output Messenger, the On-premises alternative of Slack, offers tons of instant messaging features along with the features you experience through Slack Messaging app. Among them we listed below a few of efficient features.

  • One-to-One chat
  • Group Chat
  • Custom Chat Groups
  • Chat Room
  • Unlimited Chat History
  • Announcements
  • Drag & Drop File Transfer
  • Remote Desktop Sharing
  • Off-the-Record Messaging
  • Deep Search facilities
  • Native Video Conferencing & Voice Calls
  • Screen Sharing
  • Sticky Notes
  • Internal Mailing
  • Standard Integration facilities

The Administrator can manage the privileges given to the users and oversee their chats using Centralized Log Storage option. More over with our Output Messenger API’s, you can integrate with your favourite third party apps.

You can also have Peer-to-peer communication and all your chats will be synchronized across all devices.

Get Started

Still, what are you waiting for? Download and Get Started Free Trial for 30 days.

We can assure that with Output Messenger, you can transform the way you communicate at right now and bring all your business communication together.