Instant Messaging

Fast and Secure communication between colleagues by 1:1 or group conference.

Instant Messenger Instant Messaging
office chat rooms

Chat Room

Ability to converse with multiple people in the same conversation.

File Transfer

File transfer intends to transfer the big or small files from sender to receiver. You can drag and drop the files in the chat window to send the files.

business file sharing
Output Messenger Reply Message

Reply Message

Helps you to Reply to a particular message, both in a Group Chat and in an Individual Chat.

Forward Message

Forward the messages to a particular team member or a group of your team members.

Output Messenger Forward Message
Instant Messenger Acknowledgement Message

Acknowledgement Message

Want to get a poll? Want to get assurance whether message noticed?
Acknowledgement messages help you to make sure that the recipient(s) have read and recognized the message.

Video Calls and Conferencing

Output Messenger software provides easy access for users to make voice/video calls to users Voice chat is the modern way of distant communication. On IM chat window, press the video call icon to turn on your face to face chatting.

Instant Messenger Video Conference
remote desktop instant messenger

Remote Desktop Sharing

Screen sharing permits us to share the desktop content from our computers, such as documents, spreadsheets, screenshots etc. It is a real time application. It operates as fast, simple, and free way to share your screen instantly. Remote Desktop is a small utility used to view a remote user’s desktop.

Internal Mailing

Mail is ease method of exchanging digital messages from sender to one or more recipients. Output Messenger Mail is used to a send message as mail, so that the recipient can read it at his/her convenience. It provides a very access to send internal mails to employees.

instant messenger Internal Mail
Lan Messenger Notes


In this dynamic environment, it is necessary to make a note of points so that they don’t affect your performance. Output Messenger provides a very easy tool to create sticky notes.


Reminder serves to remind the things again for yourself or for other users. It specify one-time or recurring events.

Lan Chat Messenger Reminder
Live Chat History Log

History Logs

Chat history will be displayed for a date range with choosing users and text filters.

OTR (Off-the-Record)

Off-the-Record Messaging is the confidential messages which will not be logged both in Server & Client Side. Once the Chat Window closed, the off-the-record messages cannot be retrieved.

Off the Record Messaging
Live Chat Instant Messenger Announcements


Announcement is the formal public statement. Users can send announcements (like meeting, function) to a group or to users. But the recipient cannot reply back to announcements.

Alert on Status Change

Get Alert on the Status Change of your colleagues not only for Online, for Idle, Busy and more through the option ‘Alert on Status Change’.

live messenger Status Change
Instant Messenger Hide User/Group

Hide User/Group

Get listed the Users or Groups belong to your Projects/Tasks only instead of viewing all users / groups.

Custom Status with Auto Reply

Set your presence status manually and send automatic replies to your colleagues whenever you want to let them know that you won’t be respond to their messages right away.

Instant Messenger Custom Status
Instant Messenger Escape Message

Preset Messages / Escape Messages

Preset Messages:

For fast Lan Messaging, build your own Preset messages by assigning Hot keys. You can reply to your messages instantly or after editing by configuring the parameter ‘Instant Send’.

Escape Messages:

Define the messages or expressions you want to view on system tray, instead of IM window.

Multiple Views

Enjoy the Chat with multiple views (Popup, Tabbed and Tiles Views) of Chat Window.

Instant Messenger Multiple Views
Lan Messenger Shortcut


Fly through the Chat Windows using Shortcut keys and Chat more effortlessly.

Change Font/Size/Colour

Decorate your chats and chat window with your preferred and colorful fonts.

Instant Messenger Font Size
Instant Messenger Smiley, Business Icons

Smiley and Business icons

Convey your feelings and conditions virtually in writing with our collection of Smilies.

Mobile App: Instant Messaging

Message instantly from your Mobile also through One to One Chat, Group Chat, Chat Rooms and Offline Messaging.

Instant Messenger Mobile App
Office Messenger Mobile App File Transfer

Mobile App: File Transfer

Send Files, Photos and Videos etc to your Colleagues vastly from your Mobile.

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